OBA response to the June 2016 special edition of “The View”

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Open Letter
28 July 2016

Brendan McDonnell
Editor of the “Impact Special” publication of the “View”
Community Evaluation NI
129 Ormeau Road, Belfast,
Northern Ireland BT7 1SH

The June 2016 issue of “The View” includes several articles critical of the Northern Ireland government’s decision to use Outcomes-Based Accountability (OBA) in its Programme for Government.  I think it is important to encourage debate about how to improve outcomes for our communities and I welcome the contributions of your publication. However, amid many worthwhile comments, are articles that reflect a serious misunderstanding of OBA. It seems important to get the record straight so that we can continue the discussion from an informed perspective.  Read the full letter.

Mark FriedmanOBA response to the June 2016 special edition of “The View”

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