A Complete Course in Supervision (in under 5 minutes) & The Collaboration Game

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Just added these two “old” pieces to the publications list (under Things Not So Easily Categorized). A Complete Course in Supervision. The world is suffering from an epidemic of bad supervision. Here are some tips, gleaned from practical experience, that supervisors new and old could use. The Collaboration Game is a useful tool for groups learning how to work together. …

Mark FriedmanA Complete Course in Supervision (in under 5 minutes) & The Collaboration Game

RBA/OBA in 16 Languages

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We are very pleased to announce that the RBA/OBA WEBSITES raguide.org … resultsaccountability.com … resultsleadership.org … resultsscorecard.com … rba-africa.com ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGES: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili & Swedish. Click on the lower right orange translation tab and select the language from the display of flags. The …

Mark FriedmanRBA/OBA in 16 Languages

Collective Impact Using RBA

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Collective Impact and RBA Impact Collectif et R.A.R. Collective Impact and RBA are a perfect fit. The idea of working together to produce community “impact” is at the heart of both bodies of work. And RBA compliments Collective Impact in other ways. Collective Impact literature sets out conditions for the success of community change efforts, and RBA provides specific methods …

Mark FriedmanCollective Impact Using RBA

RBA 101 Handout Material 2.0

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Replaced by version 4.0 This is the first revision in the standard workshop handout package since 2009. The package is reduced from 53 pages to 45 pages to save copying. Added material includes the exemplary Cardiff Epilepsy Unit report, Next Generation Contracting Slides, and an improved “Tool for Choosing a Common Language.”  I will produce an OBA version in the …

Mark FriedmanRBA 101 Handout Material 2.0

Next Generation Contracting Paper

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Here is the long-promised, if not long-awaited, paper on a 10 part agenda for contract reform for funders and nonprofits. this has received a very positive response everywhere I’ve presented it in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Here are links to exemplary practice Placer County California New Zealand Australia Check out the complete PDF publication here.

Mark FriedmanNext Generation Contracting Paper

The Collective Impact Toolkit

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The tools described in this document are all part of the Results Scorecard 3.0 software – a data and collaboration system designed specifically for non-profit and government organizations.   With it, community partners and their backbone support organizations can organize around a common agenda, define means to measure progress, share data, and use information to drive their strategies and activities. For those that …

Mark FriedmanThe Collective Impact Toolkit