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Welcome to ResultsAccountability.com where you can find resources on Results-Based Accountability provided by The Fiscal Policy Studies Institute (FPSI) and Mark Friedman (markatfpsi@gmail.com).

FPSI was established in 1996 to help communities, cities, counties, states and nations working to measurably improve the well-being of their citizens. Since then FPSI has worked with state and local partners, from the public and private sectors, in over 40 states and countries around the world. FPSI strives to do this work with a sense of commitment and also a sense of humor. So not everything you will find on this website is entirely serious.

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Mark Friedman

Mark Friedman is a speaker, consultant and author of the book Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough: How to Produce Measurable Improvements for Customers and Communities (2005)available from amazon.comand resultsleadership.org. Mr. Friedman founded and directs the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute (FPSI) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has provided training and consultation on his acclaimed Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) framework in over 40 US states and countries around the world. RBA has been used at every level of government and across nearly all government functions. It has been used by a wide range of non-government organizations including United Ways and charitable foundations. The Guardian called the framework "Simple Common Sense, Jargon-free." In 2009, Mr. Friedman presented the RBA framework at the OECD 3rd World Forum in Busan, South Korea. Read More...

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