Montgomery County, Ohio releases it’s 10 Year Progress Report

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The Montgomery County Family and Children First Council (FCFC) has released its 14th Annual Progress Report on Community Outcomes, Indicators and Strategies.

The FCFC began this well recognized work in 1998 and released its first version of the report, “Turning the Curve” in February 1999.

The FCFC provides this report each year to update the community on the status of selected indicators in each of its six adopted Community Outcome areas: Healthy People, Young People Succeeding, Stable Families, Positive Living for Special Populations, Safe and Supported Neighborhoods, and Economic Self-Sufficiency.

The report additionally informs the community of the work of the FCFC’s Outcome Teams to lead efforts to recommend actions, strategies and initiatives to improve community conditions.

Check out the progress reports here.

Mark FriedmanMontgomery County, Ohio releases it’s 10 Year Progress Report

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