RBA Basic Ideas (Translation friendly – helpful)

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FPSI: May 2014 Version 1.6 RBA Basic Ideas (Translation (friendly / helpful)) (Experimental) (Comments welcome) How to use this page. Word (choices / options) are shown in (parentheses). (Choose / Select) the words that (make sense / are most clear / are most understandable). And (discard / remove) the other words. Then, re-print this page with the (chosen / selected) …

Mark FriedmanRBA Basic Ideas (Translation friendly – helpful)

New Improved raguide.org

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Well, our resident wizard, Marc Stone, has done it again! Check out the new improved www.raguide.org. It is beautiful, clear and easy to navigate. AND, the addition of the translation feature means that all the basics of RBA/OBA are now available in many languages. I will be working through the pages of this site to update them, and welcome comments …

Mark FriedmanNew Improved raguide.org

RBA/OBA in 16 Languages

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We are very pleased to announce that the RBA/OBA WEBSITES raguide.org … resultsaccountability.com … resultsleadership.org … resultsscorecard.com … rba-africa.com ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGES: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili & Swedish. Click on the lower right orange translation tab and select the language from the display of flags. The …

Mark FriedmanRBA/OBA in 16 Languages

Results-Based Accountability Africa Summit 2014

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Results Leadership Group and Accelerate Performance are excited to announce the Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA) Africa Summit 2014 to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa.  In bringing together experts in training and implementation, this conference will introduce cutting edge RBA concepts that are helping children, families and communities create measurable improvements across the globe. This summit will feature introductory training from Mark Friedman, the …

Mark FriedmanResults-Based Accountability Africa Summit 2014

Parody of a Logic Model

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This is very funny and I wish I knew who created it. A paper is in the works on “The 5 Things Wrong with Logic Models (and why everyone hates them).”  Here’s a preview: 1) They start in the wrong place with means not ends. 2) They restrict rather than expand people’s thinking. 3) They assume life is linear and …

Mark FriedmanParody of a Logic Model

Goals Gone Wild: How Goal Setting Can Lead to Disaster

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In early 1969, just as the U.S. was preparing to reach John F. Kennedy’s lofty goal of sending Americans to the moon, the famed Ford executive Lee Iacocca gave a similarly ambitious mandate to his team of engineers. Faced for the first time with competition from low-cost, high-mileage foreign imports, Iacocca set a specific target: Ford would design a new …

Mark FriedmanGoals Gone Wild: How Goal Setting Can Lead to Disaster