10th Anniversary Edition of Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough

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The Fiscal Policy Studies Institute (FPSI) and the Results Leadership Group (RLG) are pleased to announce the release of the 10th Anniversary edition of “Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough.”

You can read more about the book and at http://bit.ly/1PNPQdW

The press release will go out on September 8th. I’m hoping that many of you will post (or re-post) a review of the book on amazon.

When you have a spare minute, please take a look at the Significant Changes in 10th Anniversary Edition 2015

As this summary makes clear, there is no change the basic message and structure of RBA and the new edition is completely compatible with the 2005 and 2009 editions. If you have an earlier edition, you do not need to replace it.

Special thanks to all the RLG staff who helped make this possible: Adam Luecking, Justin Miklas (who did the cover), Kayleigh Weaver, and Marc Stone. Thanks also to Michael McAfee who provided a new quote for the back cover.

Thanks to everyone who has helped get us this far.

I hope you like the new version of the book. I look forward to hearing from you here or by email…. and seeing some of you at the RBA conference in Sydney.

All the best.


Mark Friedman10th Anniversary Edition of Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough

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