Next Generation Contracting Paper

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Here is the long-promised, if not long-awaited, paper on a 10 part agenda for contract reform for funders and nonprofits. this has received a very positive response everywhere I’ve presented it in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Here are links to exemplary practice Placer County California New Zealand Australia Check out the complete PDF publication here.

Mark FriedmanNext Generation Contracting Paper

The Collective Impact Toolkit

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The tools described in this document are all part of the Results Scorecard 3.0 software – a data and collaboration system designed specifically for non-profit and government organizations.   With it, community partners and their backbone support organizations can organize around a common agenda, define means to measure progress, share data, and use information to drive their strategies and activities. For those that …

Mark FriedmanThe Collective Impact Toolkit

Next Generation Contracting: A Contract Reform Agenda for Funders and Nonprofits

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FPSI produces occasional papers on subjects related to accountability in general and Results-­‐Based Accountability TM (RBA) in particular. This paper responds to requests over the years for ideas about how RBA can be applied to the methods by which government agencies and private philanthropies write agreements with those to whom they give money (referred to here as contractors or grantees). …

Mark FriedmanNext Generation Contracting: A Contract Reform Agenda for Funders and Nonprofits

Achieving Collective Impact with Results-Based Accountability

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Community organizations nationwide are in search of methods that help them achieve measurable results for the children and families they serve. Sometimes these organizations seek like-minded partners in order to reach common goals. Partnerships are formed. Meetings are held. But to what end? Too often, these meetings are held without a clear, common, and measurable result in mind. Over time …

Mark FriedmanAchieving Collective Impact with Results-Based Accountability