From Outcomes to Budgets

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There is growing evidence that the conditions of families and children in the United States are getting worse and that this deterioration comes at a time when we are spending more money ever on family and children’s services.  This paper explores the notion that the budgeting systems used by the governments are actually part of the problem of fragmented and …

Mark FriedmanFrom Outcomes to Budgets

The Pros and Mostly Cons of Contingency Fee Contracting for Revenue Maximization Projects

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As market concepts gain currency i.o government circles, roue officials are thinking about ways to harness the profit motive to energize government operations and make them more efficient . Some of these ideas are bearing fruit , as government agencies begin or think of themselves as customer service organizations with real customers, whose needs count. Other uses of market concepts …

Mark FriedmanThe Pros and Mostly Cons of Contingency Fee Contracting for Revenue Maximization Projects

The Cosmology of Financing

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Financing Reform of Family and Children’s Services An Approach to the Systematic Consideration of  Financing Options This paper was supported by grants from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the Foundation Consortium. This paper was also supported in part by  the Improved Outcomes for Children Project, which is funded by  the New America School Development Corporation, the Lily Endowment,  the Carnegie …

Mark FriedmanThe Cosmology of Financing

A Recreation Entitlement

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A Recreation Entitlement 1. The Idea: One of the reasons so many kids get into trouble is because they have nothing better to do. Fly into an American city on a warm summer afternoon and count the baseball fields. Now count the fields with children on them – few, if any. Where are the children? Children need and deserve recreation programs …

Mark FriedmanA Recreation Entitlement