Next Generation Contracting Paper

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Here is the long-promised, if not long-awaited, paper on a 10 part agenda for contract reform for funders and nonprofits. this has received a very positive response everywhere I’ve presented it in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Here are links to exemplary practice Placer County California New Zealand Australia Check out the complete PDF publication here.

Mark FriedmanNext Generation Contracting Paper

Expanding the Evidence Universe

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In a new paper just released by the Center for the Study of Social Policy, authors Lisbeth Schorr and Frank Farrow argue for a much broader conception of evidence considered allowable in funding decisions by government and philanthropic agencies. The legitimate focus on funding evidence-based practice has led to an over-reliance on experimental design as the only legitimate source of …

Mark FriedmanExpanding the Evidence Universe

What’s Wrong with Logic Models

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by Phil Lee, published by the Local Community Services Association (LCSA), New South Wales, Australia. Thanks to LCSA director, Brian Smith. Logic models are diagrams that explain how a program is supposed to work. A simple one page logic model can sometimes be a useful planning and communication tool. But many programs today are required to produce long complex logic …

Mark FriedmanWhat’s Wrong with Logic Models