The Collaboration Game

An innovative and fun way for groups to learn to work together. In most games there is only one winner. In this game everyone wins or everyone loses.

Click here for the complete game and instructions Collaboration Game.

Thanks to Prabhjot <> for providing an interesting example of a solution Collaboration Game Solution 1

Here are two more recently submitted solutions:
Collaboration Game Solution EB1
Collaboration Game Solution EB2

The picture above is a screen shot of the board.

If you decide to try this send an email or post to the RBA/OBA Facebook Group to let us know how it worked.

IMPORTANT: If you have any problem with the board or the rules, then CHANGE them. Add or subtract lines, allow more than one turn when a player can pass etc. Unlike most games, you are allowed to change the rules in this game to make it work as well as it can for you. A wide variety of alternative rules are given at the end with alternative card decks.

Mark FriedmanThe Collaboration Game

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