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Outcomes-Based Accountability™ 101 Workshop Handout Material (Distribute For All Participants)

  • UK OBA 101 Workshop Workbook Version 2.0 (45 pages)
    This is a pdf document compilation of the Powerpoint slides used in the OBA 101 Workshop plus other full page materials referenced in the workshop. Last revision: August 2014
  • UK OBA 20 Minute Presentation Version 1.8 (8 pages)
    • These are selected pages used with the OBA 101 20 minute presentation Last revision: 10 April, 2008
  • Results Accountability Brochure (2 pages)
    • All the basic ideas on two just pages. This may be printed in black and white or color. (Note these two pages have not yet been revised to “outcome based” language.) Unrevised orginal

Outcome Based Accountability 101 Powerpoint Version 1.8: (Used by the Presenter – Do not distribute)

Additional Material

  • ECM Analysis Slides
    • These slides show an analysis of how the first ECM chart aligns with Outcome Based Accountability. These slides are intended to aid in the constructive discussion of how to best support implementation of Every Child Matters and the Children Act. Last revision November 1, 2005
  • Adult Services performance measurement examples: In-home aide services, Home Care Services
  • FPSI comments on the National Indicators for Local Authorities and Local Authority Partnerships: submitted to the Local Government Quality and Performance Division, London, 28 December, 2007.
  • UK National Population Outcomes – a working list (derived from the National Indicator set)
  • Powerpoint Slide Sets that can help you teach and use the concepts of RBA/OBA
    1. OBA in a Nutshell: One page containing the most important innovations in the framework.
    2. OBA the Journey Analogy: One page slide that shows how OBA goes from report cards to action plans to the end of turned curves.
    3. RBA/OBA Star Exercise: A fun way to teach the concept of ends vs. means.
    4. Cutting Budgets with OBA(OK, the fun’s over): These slides show the progression from Generating cut ideas, to Analyzing cut ideas to Deciding what to cut. Each section displays both traditional methods and OBA additions.
    5. Turn the Curve (TTC) Debriefing Questions: the questions used in RBA/OBA 101 to discuss lessons learned from the Turn the Curve Exercise – for use by trainers, coaches and facilitators.(NEW)
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